How to Save Data Consumption on Apple TV

Data Consumption on Apple TV Setting

There are some apps on your Apple TV which consume data too much. It won’t give you any trouble with your Apple TV as long as you can run all apps flawlessly. If you need to save data consumption on your Apple TV, there are some ways you can do to reduce the amount of data consumption. In this tutorial, you can read all possible ways you can do about how to save data consumption on Apple TV to prevent your Apple TV from accidentally going over your limit.

1. Prevent the screensaver from downloading content

Screensaver on your Apple TV possibly download content automatically if you don’t do anything to prevent this. Therefore, you can go to Settings on your Apple TV from the Home screen, and then click on General, and next choose Screensaver from the available menu. Now, you can choose one of the Screensaver Type which doesn’t require downloading content or at least the one with lowest data consumption such as Apple Photos or My Photos.

2. Stop Automatic App Updates and Podcast Syncing

For any or some reason, if you don’t want to let automatic app update and podcast syncing on your Apple TV, you can stop it anytime you want. However, keep in mind that you need to update it manually to get the new features and enhancements of an app. Finishing this automatic app update and podcast syncing is effective to help you save data consumption on Apple TV. Go to Settings > Apps > Automatically Update Apps. Turn off the option of the automatic update to stop it from updating automatically. Then, scroll down and highlight the Podcasts option, then disable the Sync Podcast option just the way you disable the Automatically Update Apps option. Read more other Apple TV user guide

3. Turn off automatic updates on Apple TV

What you need to do to stop your Apple TV from automatic updates is by performing this step: go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Automatically Update. Turn off the Automatically Update option to prevent your system to update software automatically. After turning off this option, you need to check for the available system update to ensure that you are not missing an important update.

All steps mentioned above may help you with how to save data consumption on Apple TV. However, there is one more possible way to help you reduce the data consumption on your Apple TV, that is by changing the streaming resolution. This way is possible to do if you don’t mind with the lower resolution when you are streaming on Apple TV. Otherwise, you can let your Apple TV’s resolution on ‘Auto’ to let it displays on your TV or monitor’s native resolution. Follow this step to adjust the resolution of your iTunes movies and shows: go to Settings > Apps > iTunes Movies and TV Shows. Select any resolution you want to use, then select Preview Resolution. This change makes a difference in data consumption on your Apple TV.