Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 Series

The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 do not stop, and it is that This is one of the most anticipated of the year phones. If we already liked the Samsung Galaxy S8, imagine a version with dual camera, can not go anything wrong. Today, we have new news on this terminal, which we are sure that you will love.

It is almost confirmed that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual camera, but was unknown so far the operation of the same. Today, we bring you news about how to operate the cameras of Note, so stay with us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Also speaks that will be able to zoom 3 X optical form, which would be quite well since the current standard of the optical zoom is 2 x. There is nothing confirmed yet, but we are convinced that the portrait mode is something that will come to Samsung since the public demand it more and more.

If Samsung met expectations, we are, next to the Google Pixel 2, one of the best, or the best Android camera. Time will tell, and patience, because already there is less so that this beast is presented.

More or less a week ago that we knew some of the developments that would offer us the new Samsung ISOCELL dual sensor, the call to become Note 8 dual camera sensor. As well, they have today transcended new data on this dual sensor that will feed the dual camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In the filtered slide, you can see the four main features of the new photo chip Samsung.

The first one is a greater brightness, something that no doubt has characterized Samsung cameras, which capture light in the worst conditions. As well as its speed, thanks to the Dual Pixeltechnology, it also highlights its small pixels, which allow a more slim design, and finally the most interesting feature, as it is the dual camera and an interesting function, as it is the so-called Depth Sensing.

This function, which is a complete unknown could hide after Yes one of the major innovations of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This technology could offer the same features as Google's Project Tango, so thanks to her Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera could create 3D images of our environment thanks to the ability of the new chip ISOCELL recognize the depth and volume of objects that surround us. It would certainly be a great novelty that could revolutionize the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

All expect a great camera's 8 Note, but no doubt this ability to be able to map 3D environments could be key for Samsung signed up the growing industry of augmented reality, which is also working on Apple and who knows, could also offer 8 iPhone camera. In any case it will not touch us wait more than two months to see if these characteristics are reflected in Note 8 camera.

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