How to Install iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

iOS 11 was presented this week as the main update of Apple's mobile operating system in years, and that's not for naught. In addition to the various novelties announced by Apple during WWDC 2017, when the new version has been officially released, other minor changes are starting to appear now. In addition to facilitating WiFi sharing, iOS 11 also counts with intelligent space management on your device.

The new version of the iPhone system, iPods touch, and iPads counts with an option to erase some apps that you don't use anymore automatically. On the Storage menu in the system settings, you can see the option "Offload unused apps" (something like removing unusable apps in free translation) and, by activating it, the system deletes little-used apps when the storage space on the gadget is short.

The coolest thing here is that the operating system erases applications, but maintains its settings and files. With this, you gain a boost in space management available, but you don't lose anything important. Also, this new feature works in the background, so you don't even notice while it works.

How to install iOS 11 Beta Version?

Apple launched this week iOS 11 and the system brought a series of novelties that promise to give even more robustness to its mobile platform. However, as usual, the company first releases the test-only version of the system for developers and then offers participants in their testers program. But you can already test the first iOS 11 Beta right now without needing a developer account.

To install iOS 11 Beta, you don't need iTunes. You even need to use a PC or Mac to upgrade. All because just install the iOS beta configuration profile on the device. 

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With this profile activated on your laptop, just go to system settings and find the update function. It is worth remembering, however, that the use of a beta version is not recommended for everyone, since it may have flaws and security breaches. Also, keep in mind that your appliance will have all the deleted files, i.e. a backup before starting the process can be very welcome.

Finally, remember that you will hardly be able to utilize many applications after all developers have not yet had time to upgrade their applications to make them compatible with the new version of iOS. Were you interested?

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