iPhone 8 Overview

Despite being a powerful device - with a better processor, camera and more storage than its predecessor - iPhone 7 disappointed with its lack of innovation. Now, all observers and Apple fans hope that the company will remove the thorn and present an iPhone's tenth anniversary that does the same thing that managed the first iPhone in 2007: revolutionize the industry.

However, to do that in 2017 is much harder, because in recent years we have seen phones logo with very innovative designs, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with extraordinary, as the Google Pixel cameras and, even, with modular proposals such as LG G5 and the new Lenovo bike with accessories bike Mods. Innovation in this industry is more challenging than ever, but not impossible.

Apple has a reputation for breaking with the conventional and transform entire categories. It has also driven categories sclerotic as computers, as it did with the iMac of bubble colors in 1998.

But the Apple's Tim Cook has not been characterized by being at the forefront, so it's hard to guess how much will innovate the enterprise with the iPhone of 2017. The truth is that to be its primary product - one that saw its first declines in sales in recent quarters - the Cupertino giant has to release a stable product that allows you to maintain the leadership in the industry. i.e., does not otherwise.

If one reads all the rumors that have emerged from 2017, iPhone 8, I would think that Apple has in hand the first Frankenstein phone. The rumor mill has signed up for everything; from a body of glass to a curved screen and total flexibility. One of the most recurrent rumors speaks of a display OLED curve - or flexible - which brings the iPhone 8 more avant-garde design that Samsung has driven with its models of Galaxy Edge. This makes sense as the next step in the evolution of the design of the phone, it went from sides and right angles to a more round and ergonomic design. However, not expected that the curve of the iPhone 8 is so pronounced as the S7 Galaxy Edge, but could be up to 5.8 inches.

Curved screens have been well received, and to clothe the phone also help remove the bezel that wastes so much space and that expands the size of the device unnecessarily. For this reason, a curved iPhone 8 makes sense. As for the material, talked about design inspired by the iPhone 4 glass, but it is much more viable Apple to save the design of metal or, even, that you wager by a high range as the ceramic material, something which already proved with the Apple Watch Series 2. However, a material such as this would increase the price of the iPhone significantly. He has also spoken of the possibility that a model is glass and the other of aluminum. A recent rumor speaks of a framework of steel around the phone, similar to the Apple Watch. Even, an April report says that the next iPhone will be made of recycled materials, although it is not clear if that includes the phone of 2017.

Price-wise, in February, came a rumor that speaks of an iPhone of high range, that would cost US$ 1,000 - something not so unreasonable considering that 7 Plus 256 GB iPhone around already that price. In April came another report that echoed that information.

Processor, if you take the account know that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has an A10 processor, so it is expected that 2017 iPhone have the A11, something mentioned in this report. In may it was said that the A11 chip had gone into production to arrive on time for the iPhone 8.

Another way to save space on the front of the phone is removing the Start button. Although this has been a constant presence since the first iPhone in 2007, disappear this element would help the company to make better use of the space. Besides, is a function that today can move without problem to the screen, even technology integrating Touch ID to unlock the phone with the fingerprint.

Of course, a camera is a today one of the most important elements in a modern cell phone, so it is anticipated that the iPhone 8 exceed and override the qualities of the iPhone camera 7 and 7 Plus. As Apple did with the iPhone 7, gave to the qualities of the iPhone 6S Plus, is likely that placed the two chambers of the iPhone 8 - although they occupy more space, of course. In February came this patent that talks about the qualities of the camera of a future Apple product, which could well be the iPhone of 2017.

Even it has been said that iPhone 8, you will have functions of augmented reality, rumor has taken strength in February and March.

Something more revolutionary and interesting is the rumors that speak of a camera equipped with 3D sensors or for augmented reality, a rumor that he returned to emerge in June 2017. It is said that the tenth anniversary will be, eventually, Wireless chargingiPhone, which strikes it with other phones of high range - like the Samsung Galaxy - that offer long. The rumor of the Wireless charging took force at the end of 2016 and 2017, early and even said that it could be long distance and even a KGI Securities's February report speaks of three iPhones in 2017, the Wireless charging three.